The 'voice' of lived experience is a significant part of the project and informs many of our key decisions.

Expert Citizens are Beneficiaries of Opportunity Nottingham who feel ready and able to get involved and have their say. There is no official commitment, and Expert Citizens can do as little or as much as they want to, including:

  • Giving suggestions about policy and practice change
  • Working with Local and National agencies  on service developments
  • Talking about their experiences at events
  • Mentoring and volunteering
  • Helping with the development of training
  • Taking part in the recruitment process for new Opportunity Nottingham employees

We have a team of Beneficiary Ambassadors who are an essential part of the Opportunity Nottingham project. They provide extensive knowledge and input at a local and national level, and are the main link with our Expert Citizens.

Our team of Beneficiary Ambassadors bring the voice of lived experience to the project. Due to their extensive knowledge in the area of multiple and complex needs, they take part in numerous consultations and have also delivered presentations in parliament. They also attend a National Expert Citizen Group which gives representatives from different areas across the UK the opportunity to meet, discuss best practice and share ideas and information.

Our Beneficiary Ambassadors work very closely with our Expert Citizens. They support a regular Expert Citizens meeting (mixed gender and female only), and ensure that ideas and feedback are listened to and used to inform the delivery of the project.  They also offer 1-2-1 meetings and keep in regular touch with our Expert Citizens via phone and email.