Referral status: Closed
Referrals will remain closed until the Opportunity Nottingham Team has capacity to accept them. Once the team is able to accept referrals again, they will only do so until capacity is reached. There is not a specific time-frame for this process, and we are unable to offer a waiting list. If the referral status is showing as closed above, we will not be able to accept any referrals at this time. 

For further information on the referral process, download the Referral Information Sheet below.

If you are working with a service user who needs support as soon as possible, we recommend contacting The Wellbeing Hub to discuss alternative support routes. You can also contact us on 0115 850 4128 for signposting advice.

Please note:  We are funded until June 2022. In the years prior to this we will cease to take referrals. Further information will be provided on this page and also via Twitter when we stop taking referrals completely.