October 2021

Nottingham City has recently been awarded new funding to support people facing a combination of homelessness, substance misuse, domestic abuse, offending and mental ill health.

The new funding has been awarded to Nottingham City via the MHCLG and the National Lottery Community Fund, as part of the Changing Futures programme. It will ensure that dedicated support for people facing SMD in the City continues until 2024.

How will Changing Futures work in Nottingham City?

Changing Futures in Nottingham City will be informed by the work of our project and partners; but it will not be a direct replacement. It will be delivered as a partnership, made up of statutory and voluntary organisations across Nottingham City, and led by Nottingham City Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

A team of Navigators will provide support for beneficiaries, and specialist posts will be based within key statutory agencies including probation, mental health services, adult social care, Housing Aid and primary care.

People with lived experience of SMD will be heavily involved in how Changing Futures is developed and delivered. There will also be a focus on Peer Mentor training and support.

Alongside frontline delivery, work will continue to influence system change, ensuring that support for people facing SMD forms part of service development decision-making in the longer-term.

What does this mean for organisations and frontline staff in Nottingham City?

Changing Futures will run from the autumn of 2021 until March 2024.

Until the closure of our project, there will be a period of transition as the Changing Futures Team is recruited, and a delivery agency is appointed.

Making referrals:

  • We stopped taking referrals permanently at the end of October 2021.
  • There is likely to be a pause between closing of referrals via our project, and opening of referrals onto Changing Futures.
  • For beneficiaries who are currently receiving support from us, there is now a focus on intensive support to meet their most immediate needs, along with referral into other services to ensure ongoing support.
  • At the point our project closes in June 2022, beneficiaries being supported by us will not automatically receive support from Changing Futures, and new referrals will need to be made if appropriate.

What does this mean for people facing SMD in Nottingham City?

The Changing Futures funding means that focused support for people facing a variety of complex needs within Nottingham City can continue and improve.

People already receiving support via our project, can expect to meet their Support Workers as usual until we close in June 2022. It is likely that there will be staff changes within our project in the coming months, but access to services and support will continue, with handovers to other agencies being made as appropriate.

Keep Up To Date

During the next year, there will be a number of important updates as Changing Futures develops and commences service delivery.

Regular communications will be sent out to partners and contacts across Nottingham City via the Nottingham City Integrated Care Partnership.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Changing Futures Team directly via email.