Sara’s Story

Navigating a complex system.

Sara has been brave and persistent in trying to access support that is right for her; after experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse and mental ill health over many years. 


Keeping Everyone In

The response to homelessness and COVID-19 in Nottingham City.

A film about the response to the government-led Everyone In initiative in Nottingham City; ensuring rough sleepers had a safe place to stay at the height of the pandemic.


Trevor's Story

A journey from offending to prison to recovery.

Trevor was in and out of prison for over 40 years. This film tells his story; in his own words.


Mental Health Services; Barriers & Success

The View from Nottingham City.

What works and what doesn't in mental health services? We asked our Beneficiaries and the professionals who support them.


Stop The Stigma

Stop the Stigma. See The Person. Show Support.

In this short film, Opportunity Nottingham Expert Citizens talk openly and candidly about their experiences of stigma.

They consider the negativity stigma can create, and the damage it can do.


Addressing Stigma

A Notts TV Short Film.

Two Opportunity Nottingham Expert Citizens talk about the impact of stigma. This is a challenge they experience every day, and it can have a significant impact on their recovery.



Join in the conversation!

Find out what happened on the first ever Multiple Disadvantage Day on 03.07.19. Join in the conversation and #seethefullpicutre.