A Meeting with the DHSC and DWP

A Meeting with the DHSC and DWP

Our Beneficiary Ambassadors, and some of our Expert Citizens recently met with a representative from the Department of Health and Social Care, and also the Department for Work and Pensions.

The purpose of the meeting was to understand how people might be better supported to find work, and also to identify some of the key challenges being faced.

The Expert Citizens provided excellent feedback, citing numerous challenges and obstacles, including:

  • Lack of access to online application processess
  • Lack of follow-up and lack of understanding when appointments are missed
  • Inappropriate appointments - for example a person who has survived domestic abuse may find it very difficult to attend an appointment with a male member of staff
  • Limited appointment times and use of language by staff that may be difficult to understand

This feedback was discussed as a group. One of the most positive outcomes was in relation to the Facts About Me sheet, a form developed by our Expert Citizens to enable frontline workers to learn more about a person (not just the multiple and complex needs they are facing). The DWP expressed an interest in this form and its use, and asked for the template to be shared with them for potential use via the DWP in the future.

This would certainly be a positive step, enabling people who have experienced multiple and complex needs to focus on the positive elements of their life when considering employment.

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