Booking now open for our final event

Booking now open for our final event

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A combination of evaluation work, frontline delivery and co-production has resulted in more accessible and appropriate support for people facing at least three of; homelessness, offending, mental ill health, domestic abuse and substance misuse.

Working with decision-makers the project has provided evidence to show why system change is needed, and influenced strategic approaches across Nottingham City to support those whose circumstances are complex and high risk.

This event will celebrate key project findings and highlight areas of work that are essential to take forward, when the project closes at the end of June 2022.

The agenda will include;

A final evaluation summary

A film launch – the power of working in partnership

Expert Citizens in conversation

Each attendee will also be able to attend two of the following workshops (places allocated subject to availability):

Workshop One – being part of a network

This workshop will be led by the Opportunity Lived Experience Team and Sean Mullen from Revolving Doors Agency.

It will explore the benefits of being part of a network, and in particular the National Expert Citizen Group (NECG), which many Opportunity Nottingham Expert Citizens have been part of. The NECG has worked on numerous consultations including the recent Dame Carol Black review on drug use, prevention and treatment, and provided feedback on key pieces of work by the Criminal Justice System.

The NECG is facilitated by Revolving Doors Agency, a charity that creates and shares research, influences policy and evaluates services to break the cycle of personal crisis and crime.


Workshop Two – Housing First, why it's needed and why it works

This workshop will be facilitated by Jeremy Garner, Team Leader at Opportunity Nottingham along with other colleagues involved in Housing First Projects.

Jeremy has overseen the delivery of Housing First properties as part of the Opportunity Nottingham project. He will explore this work in detail and provide examples of challenges and successes.

In order for Housing First to be successful, its principles need to be followed closely, but what does this actually mean? This will also be considered along with reasons why the Housing First approach should be reflected in Nottingham City's housing plans moving forward.


Workshop Three – Psychologically Informed Environments: building the evidence

This workshop will be led by Anna Tickle, Clinical Psychologist for Framework and Opportunity Nottingham, together with Rob Eagle, Opportunity Nottingham Beneficiary Ambassador and Sophie Buckley, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, and possibly others, to be confirmed.

Since 2018, Anna has worked with others to develop psychological, trauma-informed approaches and interventions for people facing multiple disadvantage, and the workforce who support them. This will be an interactive workshop used to present some of the evidence so far, and work with the audience to co-produce recommendations for future practice and research. These will be taken forward locally and nationally as part of the legacy of Opportunity Nottingham.


Workshop Four – a live Q&A on the findings of Opportunity Nottingham

This workshop will be facilitated by Grant Everitt and Bilal Hazzouri from the Opportunity Nottingham Evaluation Team.

Attendees will be able to ask questions about the work of Opportunity Nottingham and its impact, which is either of interest to them, or has specific relevance to their role. Using all available data, the facilitators will pull together information in real time and discuss this with attendees. This workshop will not focus on existing findings, but instead will be an exploration of any available information the data can provide. Attendees may be asked to submit questions prior to the day, but there will also be the opportunity to ask questions live, as the conversation develops!

A link to book your workshop choices will be provided on screen once you book your place, and also within your booking confirmation email.

Free event - refreshments included. 

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