Data Sharing

Data Sharing

One of our core project aims is system change. During the lifetime of the project, we hope to drive a shift in the way services supporting people facing multiple needs work. One essential element of system change is the sharing of service-user data. This will enable a more cohesive approach, and ensure that workers across all services can understand the full journey of the service-user, and their care/treatment to date. This information will allow workers to make informed decisions and also mean that service-users do not have to tell their story every time they access a service.

We are now in the process of developing a data sharing system. As a starting point, we are working with the Primary Care Mental Health Service (PCMHS) in Nottingham, to enable their teams to access read-only data on our Beneficiaries. Feedback has been very positive to date, with the information the PCMHS can access proving helpful in their decision-making when working with our Beneficiaries.

For the system to work to its full potential, we will need to work towards sharing of data across a variety of services including;

Substance misuse agencies/networks
Crime and Justice
Social Care

If you would like to discuss data sharing in more detail, you can contact our Evaluation and Learning Lead, Grant Everitt at

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