Expert Citizens Update

Expert Citizens Update

Our Expert Citizens are Beneficiaries who feel ready to input into the development of the project. They work closely with our Beneficiary Ambassadors, meeting with them regularly and participating in a wide range of work from consultations to Opportunity Nottingham Team recruitment and interviewing.

In recent months, our Expert Citizens have been engaged in a wide range of work in Nottingham City including;

  • Joining the local alcohol panel, which has an impact on the commissioning of substance misuse services locally (the new combined drug and alcohol service in Nottingham will also include Expert Citizens in forthcoming service evaluations and reviews).
  • Joining a 'pathways' group which will review the impact of alcohol issues on the Nottingham NHS emergency department.
  • Being consulted on the redesign of the Nottingham City Council website.
  • Being consulted on a new Mental Health Outreach Service, specifically addressing the most appropriate locations for this type of service to be delivered from.
  • Being consulted on 'Improving access to Psychological Therapy' in prison settings.

For the Opportunity Nottingham project specifically, the Expert Citizens have been involved in the development of the new Communications Strategy helping to produce online and offline content. They have also helped to personalise the project Referral Form to address the issue of personal data sharing, and have been involved in recent team recruitment. Perhaps of most significance, is their work in co-producing The Pledge with the Beneficiary Ambassadors. 

You can contact our Beneficiary Ambassadors on 0115 850 4218 if you would like to find out more about the work our Expert Citizens do.

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