Facts About Me

Facts About Me

When working with a person facing multiple needs, inevitably the focus is on the negative aspects of their life. Questions will be asked of their substance misuse; how much are they drinking, what drugs are they taking? Conversations will take place around offending; do they have any convictions, have they been in prison? An assessment of mental health needs will be carried out; do they need medication, are they in crisis? And finally, discussions will take place regarding housing and trying to find suitable accommodation.

But what about the other aspects of a Beneficiary's life?

This point was raised by our Expert Citizens during a meeting in late 2016. They felt that support focused on the negatives, and wanted frontline staff to know about their achievements and aspirations too. So, working with our Beneficiary Ambassadors, our Expert Citizens created a Facts About Me sheet. This sheet can be downloaded via a link at the bottom of this page.

The sheet captures information including Beneficiary interests, goals, aspirations and facts they would like frontline workers to know about them. Amongst our current Beneficiaries, we have talented artists, musicians, writers and a range of qualifications including a Masters Degree!

Moving forward, our team of Personal Development Coordinators will be completing this sheet with each of their Beneficiaries, and the information provided will also be added to Beneficiary records.

If you would like to find out more about this piece of work, call us on 0115 850 4128 and ask to speak to one of our Beneficiary Ambassadors.

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