Fulfilling Lives Programme

Fulfilling Lives Programme

Opportunity Nottingham is one of 12 projects across the UK under the Fulfilling Lives Programme. The project is made possible by Big Lottery funding from the National Lottery Fund. Information about all of the projects can be found here.

In late 2017, the Big Lottery Fund hosted an Annual Conference for the Programme. Speakers included Mark Brown (Development Director at Social Spider), Jacob Botham (Greater Manchester Combined Authority), Matthew Kidd (Founder and Director of Creative Inclusion Limited), Vicki Cardwell (Director of Policy and Research at Revolving Doors Agency) and Gill Leng, a Public Health Consultant.

Mark opened the conference with a speech that considered the future of supporting those with multiple and complex needs, he paid particular attention to co-production. The full speech can be read here.

Jacob and Matthew considered reform within the Criminal Justice System. Matthew has lived experience of accessing criminal justice, sustance abuse, and mental health services. In 2007, whilst unemployed and on probation, he joined a user-forum to help shape better services and a better future for those in his position.

Gill Leng considered health and wellbeing for those experienicng multiple and complex needs, and  a key point made was that here in the UK we have the best health service in the developed world, but the second worst for living a healthy life.

The conference also involved a number of workshops. The team here at Opportunity Nottingham delivered a workshop on The Power of Storytelling. The workshop content can be viewed in full by opening the document below, and the short stigma film referred to can be viewed here. If you have any questions please email Stacey Murton (Opportunity Nottingham Communications Officer) at Stacey.Murton@frameworkha.org. 


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