Meet our Education, Training, Employment & Life Skills Worker…

Meet our Education, Training, Employment & Life Skills Worker…

I have been in post for 4 months now and have such a long job title I have had difficulty narrowing down the role!

I have spent my time turning up for Allocations and bothering everyone at Friar Lane, to get to know them and their beneficiaries. Thank you guys for being so helpful. Following that I have met 10 beneficiaries with their respective PDCs. The idea is to agree a focus or theme and work on this for 6 sessions, although this is flexible. So far I am doing beginning reading – this includes making a book about herself and reading a Quickreads book of her choice.

Also cooking – this includes choosing meals, shopping for ingredients and budgeting for food, making the meal and freezing some portions. I have introduced 2 women to the Women's' Centre and will support them onto a course of their choice. I am working with another beneficiary on writing a CV and practising interview skills, and am finding an Employability course for 2 Expert Citizens.

I have designed a flier to hand out and a Follow-on sheet of Community groups and organisations – the idea is at the end of the 6 sessions we discuss how they can carry on with their chosen activity in a small group, and I can then support them for 1 or 2 sessions to join in.

Hopefully I will be working with more beneficiaries in the months to come – I have had 27 suggested to me so far!

Thanks to everyone at ON for making my first few months so enjoyable.

– Denise, Opportunity Nottingham's Education, Training, Employment & Life Skills Worker Start writing or type / to choose a block

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