National Experts

National Experts

In late February, Rob Eagle (Beneficiary Ambassador) and Expert Citizen (Sara), attended the National Expert Citizen Group (NECG) Meeting.

The meeting began with updates on activities that Expert Citizens had been involved with. These included giving evidence about domestic violence and abuse to an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), feedback on the Homelessness Reduction Act and also priorities in mental health care.

Sara spoke about attending the Social Media Exchange on 5th February 2018 (delivered by Sounddelivery) and her role in the NECG Communications Sub Group. Rob spoke about his visit to the House of Lords for the launch of the APPG Complex Needs & Dual Diagnosis Report into People Powered Recovery, which he and some of our Expert Citizens contributed to.

Stoke Expert Citizens gave a hard hitting presentation on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). They are involved in training local services about this. Opportunity Nottingham has also recently published a report on this subject, and it can be read in full here. The West Yorkshire Fulfilling Lives project are about to run a pilot on personal data sharing that has been informed by the Opportunity Nottingham Facts about Me sheet. 

During the meeting, the NECG were consulted on plans to share medical records between community and custodial settings. The group were highly critical of these plans, but made helpful suggestions which were gratefully received. Areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out felt that this universal approach opened up a dialogue between local projects and the DWP to allow consultation to take place.



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