Opportunity Nottingham joins Revolving Doors' Coalition

Opportunity Nottingham joins Revolving Doors' Coalition


At the beginning of April, *Revolving Doors wrote to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and Chair of the Sentencing Council to ask that they make a clear statement that Magistrates and Crown Courts in England and Wales prioritise community and suspended sentences ahead of short custodial sentences of 6 months or less for all non-violent and non-sexual offences, and where community alternatives do not present a risk of harm to the public.


Revolving Doors have built a coalition of over 50 charities, academics, Police and Crime Commissioners and politicians that support the call. We are proud to be part of that coalition. We need to temporarily stop short prison sentences; limiting the rapid churn of people vulnerable to Covid-19 in and out of prison to keep the prison staff and prisoners safe. 


More on the case for action can be here: http://www.revolving-doors.org.uk/blog/save-lives-prevent-use-short-prison-sentences


*Revolving Doors is a charity that creates and shares research, influences policy and evaluates services to break the cycle of personal crisis and crime they call the revolving door. 

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