Our Funding

Our Funding

The Opportunity Nottingham project is funded by the National Lottery Fulfilling Lives programme. Funding is in place for eight years and commenced in 2014. We are one of 12 projects in the UK funded to work in the context of multiple and complex needs as part of this programme. You can find out more here.

Over the lifetime of the project, we will be subcontracting services at a spend of over £1.7 million in order to deliver our project aims. All of our contracts are delivered in line with the agreed Partnership Project Delivery Plan. They are externally advertised, and awarded via a process of open competitive tender, which is independently overseen by the Nottingham City Council Procurement Team.

To date, contracts have been awarded to a range of voluntary sector organisations in order to deliver the following services; Tenancy Support (Framework), BME and Female Specific Assertive Outreach (AWAAZ), Housing Crisis Support (Framework), Peer Mentoring (User Voice) and Beneficiary Empowerment and Advocacy (SEA).

A further £1.9 million will be spent on Beneficiary personal budgets during the project. These budgets will be used to enable Beneficiaries to access support including housing and resettlement services, social care services, education services, leisure activities, meaningful occupation and health and wellbeing services.

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