To support our core project aim of system change in order to improve the lives of those experiencing multiple needs in Nottingham City, we have identified the need for a Practice Development Unit (PDU).

We have recently completed a scoping exercise with regard to what the PDU should look like. This process was managed by Dr Claire Mann (Research Fellow at The University of Nottingham), and involved input and feedback from a large number of Partners and agencies in Nottingham City.

Overall, we have identified the following aims for the PDU:

  1. To contribute to the success of the core project aim - system change.
  2. To promote innovative and improved working practices across agencies and Partners – and have an impact at a regional and national level.
  3. To promote a multi-disciplinary approach: engaging different professions working in the context of multiple needs, to develop the maximum achievable level of cross-sector understanding and cooperation.
  4. Enable shared learning - ensuring good practice is spread and problems are solved collectively.
  5. Provide a means for Beneficiary inclusion and input into the design and outputs of the unit.

The PDU will have a number of Key Learning Segments potentially including: Research Practice and Development; Workforce Resiliance, Welfare and Safety; CPD and Reflective Practice Hub; and Quality Assurance and Ethics.

These segments will be delivered via a mix of learning routes including: workshops, seminars, e-learning and work-based learning.

We have now appointed Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS) to deliver the PDU in Partnership with us. We are undertaking work to develop the PDU and further updates will follow both on our website and via Twitter (@OppNottingham).

If you have any questions regarding the PDU you can contact our Evaluation and Learning Lead, Grant Everitt on 0115 850 4128.


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