Public Help

Public Help

On Monday 17th July 2017 at approximately midday, one of our Beneficiaries fell ill and collapsed on Mansfield Road in Nottingham. Fortunately his Personal Development Coordinator (PDC) was present at the time, and life saving support was immediately carried out.

The role of a PDC is extensive. A bespoke wrap-around service is delivered for each Beneficary, and regular (often daily) contact is in place. Everything is considered from food shopping to hospital appointments, and managing bills to accessing detox programmes. Support is not time-limited, and will continue for as a long as a Beneficiary needs it to.

Collette Hubback (PDC) reacted immediately when her Beneficiary collapsed to the pavement in front of her. CPR was administered with guidance from a 999 call handler, and it is likely that this action was life-saving. Most importantly, Collette was assisted by a member of the public who also hepled to administer CPR and ensure that the Beneficiary was kept alive whilst waiting for paramedics to arrive. As a project we would like to say thank you to this member of the public for their help and support.

The Beneficiary was admitted to hospital and monitored closely before being discharged a few days later.  


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