Referral Closure - from 21 Dec 2018

Referral Closure - from 21 Dec 2018

From Friday 21st December 2018, Opportunity Nottingham will be unable to accept new referrals for a limited period of time. This decision has been taken due to unprecedented demand for the service, reflective of the current national picture of reduced services and continued austerity.

The length of time for which referrals onto the project will be on-hold is yet to be determined.  The process for making and accepting referrals is being reviewed, and the outcomes of this review will impact when and how the project takes referrals in the future. Referral requirements will change moving forward and further information will be provided when referrals open again.  

Opportunity Nottingham supports people facing an array of multiple and complex needs, and the work of the frontline delivery team is both intense and time-consuming. In order to ensure that the team can support each Beneficiary to the best of their ability, there is a maximum capacity for caseloads, and this capacity has now been exceeded across the team. Opportunity Nottingham is working hard to find solutions for the increased demand, and how this can be managed in the immediate future. However, the project is time-limited, and in June 2022 (year eight) it will close. Current project data suggests that there will be at least 100 Beneficiaries who still require support at this time. This figure does not include those still to be referred onto the project in the future. Therefore, when the project is able to take referrals again, it will only be a short-term solution. The long-term solution requires support from all organisations working with people facing multiple and complex needs in Nottingham.

In order to ensure that support is in place for Beneficiaries when the project closes, Opportunity Nottingham is asking four key questions:

What will happen to people who are still on the project at the end of year eight?

What support will be available when Opportunity Nottingham stops taking referrals?

How can Nottingham invest in 'what works' at a time of austerity?

If Nottingham invests in successor support, what will the service look like?

Meetings and planning sessions will take place during 2019 to answer these questions. If you or your organisation would like to be involved you can contact the project on 0115 850 4128 or email Details of meetings and planning sessions will also be added to the 'latest news' section of the Opportunity Nottingham website.

Further information will be provided on this page and the referrals page in early 2019 regarding the date from which referrals can be accepted again.

Until then, any referrals made on or after Friday 21st December cannot be accepted, processed or stored.  All referrals made before this date will be processed as normal. Where a self-referral is made, the Opportunity Nottingham Team will aim to offer support and advice via the phone. This will include signposting to other services which may be able to offer support.

If you have any questions regarding referrals, please email with 'Referral Question - 2018' in the subject line. A member of the team will come back to you as soon as possible.

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