Referrals Re-opening

Referrals Re-opening

Opportunity Nottingham will be open to referrals again from 10am on Monday 28th September 2020. This may be for a limited time only, and subject to team capacity.

Please ensure you read all of the information below prior to making a referral. The process has changed, and the project will no longer be able to take referrals on a continuous basis.

Referrals re-opening - 28th September 2020

In order to make a referral, visit the referral page, download and complete the Risk Assessment Form and Referral Form and email to

If you have any difficulties downloading the forms please email the project. (If the referral status is closed you will not be able to view/download the forms).

Once the forms are received they will be processed, and a member of the project team will contact you with the outcome of your referral and next steps. This will take approximately one week (but could take longer at certain times).

Please note: Referrals are encouraged via agencies only. Self-referrals will only be accepted when a person has no contact with other services.

How long will referrals remain open for?

The team at Opportunity Nottingham have been working above capacity for a long period of time, and the decision has been made to place a cap on caseloads and ensure staff wellbeing is maintained.

Referrals will open when there is capacity within the team, and close when there is not. Depending on caseloads, this could mean that referrals open for a few days or a few weeks.

The website will remain fully up to date at all times. To check if referrals are open or closed visit the referral page.

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