Storytelling Training

Storytelling Training

Our Expert Citizens recently attended two storytelling workshops with Sounddelivery. The aim of each workshop was to explore techniques around storytelling, and to empower each Expert Citizen to tell their story.

During the first workshop we explored photography, blogging and video. Some of our Beneficiary Ambassadors, and other members of the Opportunity Nottingham Team also participated in the training. At the start of the session, there was some nervousness and concern at the concept of being in the 'public eye.' However as the session progressed the whole team got involved, and the information that was shared was insightful and empowering. Different options were also explored such as semi-anonymous content (where the face cannot be seen), and more in-depth storytelling such as writing a full blog entry.

At the end of the workshop, everyone was very positive. Using content developed during the session, we created a set of photographs and a short film about stigma. The photos can be viewed by clicking the file links below. The film can be viewed here

During the second workshop, we explored recording audio using mobile phones.  The content we produced can be listened to here.

We are currently developing an exhibition using the content created during the storytelling workshops. We hope to find a venue to display the exhibition in Nottingham City in early 2018. 


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