System Change & Covid-19

System Change & Covid-19

Opportunity Nottingham continues to work with System Change in mind, despite the challenges caused by the Coronavirus.

Due to the restrictions now in place, Opportunity Nottingham is unable to deliver the usual level of support, including face-to-face and group meetings. The team is working in alternative ways to ensure regular contact with beneficiaries, including increased 1-2-1 phone contact, and intensive advice and guidance.

Opportunity Nottingham's System Change Lead, Hayley, said:

"Due to the impact this virus has, and will continue to have, on staff of Opportunity Nottingham, Framework and our Beneficiaries, we have had to "pause" the majority of the work that we were doing in relation to system change and focus instead on delivering a core service to our Beneficiaries, as well as assist with staffing other Framework services. 

Our last System Change Group in March had to be cancelled, but we are hoping that the next one due in June will still take place in some shape or form and we are keen to carry on with our system change plan as soon as we are able; we have done some great work and were gaining momentum in a number of areas which we don't want to let slip. In the meantime, our staff are working incredibly hard to deliver support to beneficiaries in the best way that they can as well as working shifts in hostel and temporary accommodation services. Their hard work and dedication is to be commended.  

System change is happening right now – organisations and the people within them are working more closely, cooperatively, creatively and flexibly during this unprecedented situation. Even if this is in the most part due to necessity right now, hopefully the learning and understanding that this generates will have a lasting impact in to the future."

Our findings show that the current high cost system fails people with multiple and complex needs. 'System change' aims to redress this by finding sustainable ways to address these 'whole system' issues and recognises that complex problems cannot be solved with simple solutions.

You can read our System Change Plan here.

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