System change challenge - join in!

System change challenge - join in!

People facing complex needs also have to navigate a complex system.

In response, Opportunity Nottingham has identified five key challenges - that if addressed - could result in a system that works for service users not against them.

This challenge is for all organisations working with people facing complex needs in Nottingham City. It aims to provide a legacy far beyond the life of Opportunity Nottingham, which is funded until June 2022.

The challenges are set out below.

Challenge 1: The system works as one

  1. We will commit to identifying and progressing strategic and practical opportunities to align or co-locate our services
  2. To make sure that we coordinate our work with individuals we will engage with multi-disciplinary problem solving and responses as a priority
  3. We will develop ways in which our service users can have a 'passport' of information which, subject to consent, prevents them re-telling  their story and includes the Facts About Me form.

Challenge 2: Services are welcoming

  1. We will actively contribute to producing a multi-agency workforce development plan, to make sure we are all better equipped to support those with multiple and complex needs
  2. We will commit to improving the effectiveness of our services by adopting psychologically informed approaches
  3. To foster better understanding and to share best practice we will prioritise the participation of our staff and services in the Practice Development Unit.

Challenge 3: The system is service user led or informed

  1. We will contribute to and follow an agreed participation standard for Nottingham City, ensuring we are devoting enough time, resources and attention to meaningful participation
  2. We will take proper account of the learning from Opportunity Nottingham and the wider Fulfilling Lives programme about the benefits of meaningful participation.

Challenge 4: We build resilience in our service users and our workforce

  1. We will make sure that the long-term wellbeing and independence of our service users is one of the measures of our success
  2. We will create flexibility in the way our services can work with individuals and be persistent in trying to engage with them.

Challenge 5: We acknowledge and respond to multiple and complex needs

  1. We recognise that people with multiple and complex needs can present anywhere within local service provision. We will make sure that our staff and services understand how they can help to meet these needs
  2. We commit to challenging stigma and the negative perceptions of people with multiple and complex needs
  3. We will actively contribute to ensuring that there is an exit strategy for Opportunity Nottingham and that a legacy plan sets out how services will meet multiple and complex needs after the project reaches its end.

There are two system change challenge documents on the links below (a short version and a long version). They can be downloaded and shared with colleagues and contacts as appropriate. If you would like printed copies of either document, email

If you or your organisation would like to get involved in this challenge, email or call 0115 850 4128 and ask to speak to Mark Garner, Project Manager.

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