System Change in Nottingham

System Change in Nottingham

In early 2019, One Nottingham and Opportunity Nottingham co-delivered a system change event aimed at key decision-makers in Nottingham city. As a result of the conversations generated during this event, a follow up meeting was requested. This took place in October 2019, and focused on the benefits and successes of meaningful co-production and involvement of people with lived experience. 

Three organisations delivered presentations on what they are doing to bring about system change for the people they work with:

  • The Children's Society - presentation link at the bottom of the page
  • Small Steps Big Change (SSBC) - presentation link at the bottom of the page
  • Active Notts.

Opportunity Nottingham Beneficiary Ambassadors and Expert Citizens talked about meaningful co-production. Local organisation SEA (Services for Empowerment and Advocacy) delivered a presentation about their work with service users, and how listening to the voice of people with lived experience is the best way to influence real and lasting change, at both a grassroots and strategic level. Their presentation can be viewed via a link at the bottom of this page.

City-wide partners explored examples of success when working with people with lived experience, and also discussed how they could improve/increase meaningful co-production;

Successes to date

  • Employment and training opportunities for service users
  • Including service users in project governance
  • Changing the use of language in literature
  • Challenging stigma
  • Peer support and empathy
  • Improved quality of training for staff when involving people with lived experience.

Suggestions for improvements going forward

  • Work to be done on changing the culture of organisations to be more open to meaningful participation
  • More use of Peer Researchers when conducting surveys to encourage more open responses
  • Being more open to honest feedback
  • Looking at how to get feedback from short term services – making feedback more of a regular conversation
  • Acknowledging different levels of engagement and participation (it is all valuable)
  • Ensuring the language we use (both written and spoken) removes barriers to communication and understanding
  • Ensure transparency over feedback - not over promising on results.

Nex steps

Work so far, has highlighted the benefits of meaningful participation with examples of good practice. Opportunity Nottingham and One Nottingham will continue to work in a co-produced way and share learning with wider partners.

Opportunity Nottingham will work with the other projects funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (The Children's Society, Small Steps Big Change), and Active Notts to look at opportunities to work together on wider system change from childhood through to adulthood. 

For the latest information and learning opportunities regarding multiple and complex needs, you can join the Practice Development Unit (PDU). A short presentation about the PDU can be viewed via a link at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about this work, you can contact the Opportunity Nottingham System Change Lead by emailing or calling 0115 850 4128.

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