The 'Hamster Wheel' of Homelessness

The 'Hamster Wheel' of Homelessness

The cycle of prison - homelessness - prison is all too common. Lee, one of our Expert Citizens describes this cycle as the 'Hamster Wheel of Homelessness', a process that does little to help a person trying to move forward and address their needs.

Release from prison with nowhere to go (or unsuitable accommodation)

Leading to...

Poverty - mental health deteriorates - substance misuse increases

Leading to...

Offending buidling up


If offered a hostel place, unable to stay as too much drug availability

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Homelessness and offending. 

Our Peer Researchers have recently completed some research regarding the impact of prison on mental health and homelessness. The findings will be published soon and a link will be added to this page.



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