The Impact of Stigma

The Impact of Stigma

Stigma and the impact of it, is a key challenge for Opportunity Nottingham Beneficiaries.

Being judged again and again can lead to negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, fear, shame and perhaps most significantly - a person can start to believe the views of others.

Stigma is a difficult challenge to address. It is part of the culture we live in; a part of people's make up. It is not something that can be 'fixed' overnight. Indeed, it will take many years to see changes in the way people perceive individuals facing multiple and complex needs. However, as a project we are working hard to start a shift in public perception, and our Expert Citizens are playing a key role in this;

  • We have recently filmed a short two-minute film with Notts TV regarding stigma (watch the film below)
  • We have produced a short film about stigma and the impact of it (watch here)
  • We are creating a series of photos to represent those who experience stigma on a daily basis (view here)
  • We will be hosting an exhibition on stigma in Nottingham City in early 2019 - more information will follow soon!

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