The Outcome of Support

The Outcome of Support

Amy* joined the Opportunity Nottingham project in 2016. As part of the process when a Beneficiary joins the project, a NDT Assessment (Risk Index Score) is completed. A score over 30 is deemed very chaotic, and Amy's assessment resulted in a score of 32.

However, after just six months of being a Beneficiary on the Opportunity Nottingham project, Amy's Risk Index Score has reduced to 7. In order to achieve this, an Opportunity Nottingham Personal Development Coordinator has worked very closely with Amy, providing intensive and carefully planned support.

Amy has a young child, and was housed in a family unit for three months to participate in a relapse prevention programme. During this time, staff at the unit worked with Amy to understand trigger points for her chaotic behaviour. On completion of this programme, Amy was housed in a council tenancy. The location of this tenancy was of particular importance, to ensure that Amy did not return to a location where past acquaintances could have a negative impact on her recovery.

Unfortunately, the property triggered anxiety for Amy as it was not in a good state of repair, with bare floor boards and no decoration. Amy was very concerned that the environment was not suitable for her young child, and her Personal Development Coordinator highlighted the urgent need to provide Amy with practical support. A plan was put in place to have the property cleaned and decorated, and items such as white goods and a television were provided to make the property more comfortable. This resulted in a reduction in Amy's anxiety, and she also began to take pride in the property, buying accessories to make it homely. This bespoke level of care from her Personal Development Coordinator meant that the risk of Amy vacating the property (due to its poor condition) and facing homelessness as a result was addressed and ultimately resolved.

In order to further ensure her recovery and stability, it was also recommended that Amy attended counselling, which she agreed to do on a regular basis. This helped her to deal with past traumas and her mental health improved significantly, to the extent that she no longer felt it necessary to take medication. Amy's Personal Development Coordinator also worked with her to arrange access to meaningful occupation activities, including Children's Centres and groups. This has been of particular benefit to Amy, and she has started to build a new network of friends.

The level of Amy's improvement whilst being supported by the Opportunity Nottingham project has meant that the courts have reduced the orders surrounding the care of her young child, and Social Care Teams will be reducing their involvement. This also means that Amy has been able to discuss the potential to start building relationships with her other children who are currently placed in care.

Amy feels that the main reason for the significant reduction in her NDT score is being provided with suitable and comfortable accommodation in a new area. She also acknowledges how important the meaningful occupation support has been to her mental wellbeing.

Amy has now been abstinent for over 5 months and is determined not to return to her chaotic lifestyle. Opportunity Nottingham will continue to provide her with 1-2-1 support, and her Personal Development Coordinator will remain in regular contact with her.

*Name changed due to confidentiality.

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