The role of a PDC

The role of a PDC

Opportunity Nottingham Personal Development Coordinators (PDCs) provide a very high level of support for Beneficiaries of the project. This support is tailored to each Beneficiary, and involves working with specialist services and partner agencies around the four project criteria.  The working approach of each PDC is Beneficiary led at all times, and building trust and providing consistency in a chaotic lifestyle are essential. Long-term goals are also set with each Beneficiary and our PDCs try to make these as realistic and achievable as possible. Meetings take place in an environment the Beneficiary feels comfortable in, which could include a local café or their home. PDCs will also meet in more formal settings if required, such as a prison or hospital ward.

Research findings in our Year Two Local Evaluation Report identified that the relationship between a PDC and Beneficiary is a critical factor, particularly at the point when a Beneficiary wants to seek help and make a change. It was identified that a PDC can play a pivotal role in recovery, giving Beneficiaries time and space, listening to them, being available and genuinely caring about them.  As a project, we do not set a time limit for supporting our Beneficiaries, and in many cases our PDCs have been working with their Beneficiaries for over two years. This approach has been extremely well received, and our Beneficiaries have expressed relief that they are not under any time pressures, and can work towards recovery at their own pace.

Perhaps of most importance is the building of trust. Many of our Beneficiaries have expressed the opinion that with trust comes the feeling that someone is on their side.  Our PDCs are persistent in their work, and as a result they are able to build such trust. They will support, engage, and re-engage with Beneficiaries on a continuous basis.

As a result of this intensive and focused support, we are starting to see a significant impact in the lives of our Beneficiaries. If you would like to find out more about how our PDCs work you can call us on 0115 850 4128 or email

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