The 'Small' Things

The 'Small' Things

Our core project aims are system change and enabling those facing multiple and complex needs to live fulfilled lives. When presenting findings and looking for outcomes that could prove fundamental to changes in the way the system works, we often focus on the 'big' things such as significant cost-savings or key trends.

But... for our Beneficiaries, a very small change can mean a very significant step forward. Our Personal Development Coordinators will reflect on such changes with each of their Beneficiaries, highlighting and identifying positive change to motivate further progress. Below are just a few examples of changes our Beneficiaries have made recently.  After many years (in some cases over 20 years) of mental ill health challenges and cycles of homelessness, substance misuse and/or offending, the significance of these changes cannot be ignored.

A Beneficiary has independently managed to save up enough money to pay for a deposit on a flat (his PDC helped with budgeting and referred the Beneficiary to a financial support agency for further advice)

A Beneficiary was able to leave his house for the first time in a very long time (his PDC spent a prolonged period of time building trust and working through the severe anxiety the Beneficiary was experiencing in order to achieve this outcome)

A number of Beneficiaries are taking up hobbies ranging from gym classes to art classes, which  is having a very positive impact on their wellbeing (our PDCs use Personal Budgets to support this activity, and also support Beneficiaries to find classes and groups)

You can find out more about the Opportunity Nottingham project approach here.

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