The Lived Experience Team is an integral part of our project. It is made up of staff and volunteers with a range of lived experience from homelessness to mental ill health; and they are involved in all aspects of project development and delivery.

Four Beneficiary Ambassadors participate in consultation work locally and nationally, and provide input and guidance across all aspects of the project from recruitment to research. They also facilitate the Nottingham Expert Citizen Group, which is attended by people who are often in the early stages of their recovery, and feel ready to help influence system change by sharing their own experiences.

There is also a focus on Peer Mentor work with a small team of Peer Mentors - who have previously faced issues such as homelessness, addiction and mental ill health - offering support to those who are currently facing these issues. This support can range from shopping trips to meeting in a café for a chat. For people facing Severe and Multiple Disadvantage (SMD), speaking to someone who has actually been through the system, and really understands what it's like, can be invaluable.

Life skills, education and employment opportunities are also a key focus. A dedicated team member actively supports people, to help them learn the skills needed in day-to-day life, and access courses that could help secure future employment.