We provide 1-2-1 support from the start.
Our team of Personal Development Coordinators create a Personal Development Plan for each Beneficiary, and help them every step of the way as they access services and focus on their recovery.

They helped me to understand the system and the benefits I am entitled to. This really helped to reduce my anxiety levels.

My Personal Development Coordinator has never let me down. They have always attended appointments with me when I needed them to.

The service has helped me to feel more socially included. I have started to develop a network of friends.

The relationship with my Personal Development Coordinator was very good and helped me to start trusting others.

The service isn't just about ticking boxes. They care that I do well and never patronise me.

My Personal Development Coordinator didn't judge me and wasn't embarrassed to be with me. My problems were listened to and solutions were offered.

*Due to confidentiality all names are changed and imagery is stock photography only. We aim to provide information on how our work can help those facing multiple and complex needs, but we will not at any stage share personal information or the identities of any of our Beneficiaries.