Take The #Pledge

The Pledge focuses on the improvement of Beneficiary and staff experiences across all services. A number of workshops and meetings with Expert Citizens and service staff took place in 2015 and 2016 to develop its content. We hope that it will be adopted by other services in Nottingham, and set a level of service delivery and interaction that everyone can work towards;

The Pledge

Improving the experiences of Beneficiaries and staff in and around Nottingham


What I (the Beneficiary) would like from a service

  • Be realistic with me
  • Help me to understand what you do
  • Guide me through my journey
  • Be courteous and compassionate with me
  • Involve me when talking to other services.

How I (the Beneficiary) would like to be treated

  • Respect me
  • See me as a person; not a problem
  • Don't judge me or make assumptions about me
  • Please don't rush me
  • Listen and hear what I say.

In return I (the Beneficiary) will

  • Engage with you to the best of my ability
  • Also treat you with respect
  • Remember you are human too.

If you would like to find out more about The Pledge email enquiries@opportunitynottingham.co.uk. Our Beneficiary Ambassadors are also available to talk at team meetings and events about The Pledge.

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